by students,
for students

How does it work?

UvA Together is a platform where students of the University of Amsterdam come together to help each other out. With this platform we want to connect the students of the UvA. After registering you can ask for help with problems or other study related issues. Interested in how to use our platform? See below!

Create a request!

Let users know what kind of help you would like, and select the correct categories. For example, would you like help with your study or just to have a moment to chat?

Get replies

Any student using UvA Together can interact with your request. It’s either possible to contact someone directly using ‘direct reply and leave my email address’, or to ‘reply’ making a comment on the website. By leaving your email address, the person who asked the question gets a notification by email with your reply and email address. Don’t worry, your email address won’t be shown on the website!