Hello you, welcome to our platform!

Who are we?
We are Femke, Puck, Amber and Roos. We’re the team behind UvA Together. We’re students at the University of Amsterdam. We have one big goal: to bring students together, both during and after the corona pandemic.

Femke is the founder of UvA Together. Amber focuses on maintaining the website, while Puck and Roos are responsible for the promotion. Together we ensure that everything runs smoothly. Through UvA Together, we want to ensure that students from different studies are able to get in touch with each other. For example, the website makes it possible to find a study buddy, receive or offer help with difficult subject matter, take a coffee break together or buy study books. UvA Together is a platform by students, for students. Therefore, we are always open to feedback! And if you would like to participate in this project, you can send an email to [email protected].

UvA Together has been established in collaboration with the Student Impact Centre, Florens and Yunus.