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The UvA Together project was created for and by students of the University of Amsterdam. Through this platform we want to connect students. After you've created an account you can ask students for help with study related issues, or offer help yourself. Our goal is to help you enjoy your studies even more, perform even better, lower the threshold for offering and asking for help and expand your social network at the UvA. Sign up, log on and join the UvA Together movement!

Do you want to find a study buddy?
Are you completely stuck on an assignment?
Do you want to get to know more people in your course?
Have your notes become a complete mess?
Or do you just have a couple of old textbooks that you wouldn't mind lending to your fellow students?

This is the place to let people know!
You can respond to eachother's messages and get in touch.

Questions or suggestions? Feel free to send us a message through [email protected]

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